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Authorization, Licensing

To whom it may concern,

This letter is to inform you, that Gabriella Johanns has studied and practiced to my personal satisfaction the following practices and disciplines:


My own personally developed method called
- elemental psychology, which is now practiced in homeopathy schools around the United States.
- As well as many didactic hours of indigenous philosophies, - shamanic philosophy & healing practices,
since 1995.  


This was taught to Gabriella primarily here in Telluride Colorado, as well as abroad in Europe. This work will have also included over 1500 hours of practical training and working with others.


This letter hereby, grants her permission and gives her authorization to teach and utilize that information under these methods.



Thank you kindly for your time

Christopher Tswewang Moon Bear Rigdzin...CS,CCH,CHC,Chom,


Christopher Beaver, Telluride CO - USA,  (

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