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About me

To be happy you must make peace with your past,
love the present,
and feel so excited about the future  Marisa Peer

My name is Gabriella Johanns. I was born in Thun, BE and have lived in the canton of Zurich since 1983.  

With enthusiasm, I share my treasure trove of experience and I love to help people get over things and circumstances. Understanding and creating clarity in order to allow change and dissolution to take place.

Like every person in this world, every joy and every stroke of fate has shaped me as well. I fell, got back up again, pat me down and continued my life. Have "danced through" deep valleys again and again, experienced feelings of happiness and made soul leaps.  

What I love:
Dancing, traveling, eating well, sociable game evenings, dogs, cats, the fascinating nature of the world - with everything that bustles around, flourishes and grows in it, the play of light and shadow, quantum field theories and stuff like that, taking photos, films, Hawaii, the Universe, and so much more ...

My credo:

Life doesn't mean waiting for the storm to pass, it means learning how to dance in the rain
Gabriella Johanns Therapist
RTT hypnotherapy | SSP protocol | SSP music therapy | Hypnosis against stress | Hypnotherapy Online | Gabriella Johanns
Gabriella Johanns_5 Rhythmen Conscious Movement & Dance

I love to dig deep ~ I love to laugh ~ I love to dance!

Dancing is my weekly mental hygiene "per se". One of the reasons why I am also a 5 Rhythms movement and dance teacher.

5 rhythms website:

English is my absolutely favorite second language!  
About 80% of my education and training were in English.

What others say about me

Gentle, Present, Clear, Resilient, Honest, Powerful, Smart, Intelligent, Shining, Honest, Faithfull, Charismatic, Delightful Perceptive, Creative, Lovable, Balanced and Warm-Hearted, Authentic. (Mirrors 2008 ) & I am also called the pearl diver.

I am fascinated

  • of the miracle earth and the stars in the universe

  • and enthusiastic about the complexity of being human  

  • from the neurological world  

  • of the power of imagination and its knowledge

  • the power of music, which can bypass neurological barriers (e.g. Parkinson's, dementia )

  • of physics! My favorite talk is from  David Tongs

  • of today's bridges that are growing between science and spirituality.

  • by Mind & Life Conference.
    An exchange between the Dalai Lama & science 
    Brain & Cognitive Science / Contemplative Wisdom
    First-Ever Mind & Life Conference in Zurich 2010,
    at University of Zurich. ( A Dialogue between Economics, Neuroscience and Contemplative Sciences)

Learn from yesterday, live today, trust in tomorrow. The most important is! Don't stop asking!   ~ Albert Einstein ~
Gabriella Johanns_Water of Life
Gabriella Johanns_Podcast

Step into one's own

Conversation with Gabriella Johanns

Visiting Regina Schlager

If we go our own way, if we express ourselves more and more, aspects emerge that we experience as difficult: anger, fear, sadness. I talk to Gabriella about how we can deal with it - these feelings and skills can become the powerful engine for our transformation.

Gabriella tells about her own path and where she is today. Looking back on her life, it was above all the failures that became milestones on her path of development.

Regina Schlager

Professional experience


Since 1993,  I offer sessions based on process-oriented personality development, gestalt therapeutic approaches, elemental psychology, energy & body work. -  Self-employed since 2014

From 2016, developed own approaches, including a training program,  EOP practitioner Energy-oriented personality development

2021 Expansion of my work with SSP Safe & Sound Protocol, for the regulation of the autonomic nervous system, as well as RTT Hypnose Rapid Transformational Therapy.

Currently in the midst of change, I am shifting the main focus of my work to individual sessions and small group events.

Lectures, short workshops, day and weekend seminars

2011 - today -  5 Rhythms ~ Conscious Movement & Dance

  • weekly classes  & various day workshops

  • Weekend seminars & holiday workshops  on topics like:
    Dreams & Visions, Letting go, More than Money,
    Silence Retreat, Sister-Hood Women's Dance Gatherings,
    Die dance to life,
      Life, dance with death, etc.

  • 2018 at the CG Jung Institute in Küsnacht. Practice Day of
    5 Rhythms "Conscious Movement & Dance" (English)


2019 evenings:  Indigenous Relaxation and Contemplation Technique

2016 Lecture: Learn about Shamanic Philosophies & Modern Therapy  


2000/2001 short workshops - "Success with all senses" - How intuition can be used effectively in the workplace:

  • at the FOKA forum for commercial women

  • at Zurich Insurance Ges. - in Zurich

In the 90s: essential oils in everyday life, smoking ritual evenings, fragrance experience days, meditation evenings. Including in the bookstore in the light, or adventure days at and in the  Emma Kunz grotto.

Professional career in the private sector, see  Linkedin

Education & Further Training

  • 2021 Certified Hypnotherapist in RTT

  • 2021 Licensed RTT Rapit Transformational Therapist

  • 2021 SSP - Safe and Sound Protocol, Provider

  • 2020 energy coaching

  • 2011 Certified 5 Rhythms - Movement & Dance Teacher

  • 2008 Elemental Psychology  

  • 2007 transpersonal group leader

  • 1993 - today, Trainings in Ancient techniques & Indigenous Practices - Mainly from Christopher Beaver USA / CO

  • 1993 Process-oriented personality development & integrative therapy

  • Seminars in meditation, imagination work, inner journey, 
    Awareness-Expanding Work through Sound - Home Sync, and much more ... 

    With great interest and continuous professional development (CPD hours),  Super- & Intervision, it is always important to me to offer high quality in my work. 

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