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Energy perspective

Energy flows, where the attention & the focus goes


The essence of the KernDialog method,
is the fusion of chair work, process work by Fritz Perls, Elemental Psychology by Christopher Beaver and my energy work EOP


Energy perspective.  

If we consider everything as energy, then there are just various variable densities! Everything material, all emotions, all feelings, all thoughts, etc. have a density and thus a vibrating energy frequency.


Fear - anger - joy, for example, have different densities and vibrational frequencies. All 3 have a right to exist in themselves and demand this respect and recognition. All 3 have something to say. When the right to exist, quasi the nature of fear - anger or joy, gets its place and its voice, then that inexplicable urge and malaise subsides and one gets a further, more open, clearer view and the capacity the horizon, the sky, or simply to be able to see the whole again.  


There is calm, serenity, connectedness, etc. into the system. And that feeling  provides clarity and a deep understanding of situations and your life circumstances.


With clarity and a deep understanding, we almost automatically start moving again and change finds its way naturally.

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