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Conscious Movement & Dance - 5 Rhythms with Gabriella Johanns.

Dance Meditation for New Year's Eve 2021.   


ByeBye Saturn year - Welcome Jupiter year


It can be more of everything. For example: More from  everything  everything that connects, everything that promotes joy and lightness  and en masse power donations  Thoughts & Feelings. 


Download and dance as many times as you want.

Best enjoyed with headphones (e.g. wireless headphones very suitable)


I wish everyone a wonderful transition to the year & a very Blissfull Happy New Year!

Sincerely, Gabriella 

New Year's Eve 2021 - Welcome 2022 - Happy New Year

CHF30.00 Regular Price
CHF15.00Sale Price
  • Download and dance through the New Year's Eve! Language DE -
    Bye Bye 2020 & Welcome 2021!  Happy New Year from the bottom of my heart! 

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