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Use of the offers:

By using any of the offers on this website, I hereby declare that I will consider the impulses from the activities of Gabriella Johanns as possibilities that I can integrate into my life on my own responsibility if I want to.


I note that this  no substitute for classic medical, psychiatric or psychological  Treatments are.

I assure you that I am fully physically able to act and in full possession of my mental powers.

I will immediately inform Gabriella Johanns of any kind of complaint before or during the meeting in order to be able to interrupt the meeting if necessary. So I'll take over during the  I take full responsibility for my physical and mental well-being and release Gabriella Johanns from any liability.


Workshops, events and groups of all kinds:

The participant is liable for any damage to health and property within and outside of the respective workshops and group events, as well as accidents.


Gabriella Johanns

Chropfacker 5

8603 Schwerzenbach


Telephone: 079 235 98 25



Headquarters: Gabriella Johanns,  Chropfacker 5, 8603 Schwerzenbach, Germany

UID: CHE-480.601.473


Wix strives to improve the accessibility and usability of its websites for all people with disabilities. If you have questions or suggestions about Wix accessibility, please contact us.


Unfortunately, the physical location is NOT accessible: 

Room of Change, Rämistrasse 28, 8001 Zurich 

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